maya park

Deep in the jungle, only the bravest who dare to enter the thickness of the jungle will find, hidden in the Lost Mayan Kingdom, a timeless opportunity to feed their hunger for adrenaline by undertaking the nine levels of adventure and daring the legends of Xibalba and the Mayá civilization.

When Stephen Jonhson and his expedition arrived at the Lost Kingdom of the Mayá, the expeditionary had to combat the ferocious guardian of the night. In the middle of the combat, Jonhson and Balam became one, in the realization that they were soul brothers, separated by the ancient spirits. Rumors of Johnson’s whereabouts surfaced for years but no one is certain of his final destiny.

The legendary tale that surrounds Mayá is whispered through the leaves of the foliage and the murmurs of the water. Immerse yourself in the legend and go deep in the Jaguar River as you enjoy the sounds of nature and perhaps uncover the whereabouts of the expeditionary Stephen Johnson.