Costa Maya Excursions | Pack for your Expedition

A good expedition begins with the essential tools for a great adventure. Upon arriving to Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom, you’ll need a couple of tools to make your day an extraordinary adventure.


Any adventure to the Mexican Caribbean must include a good bathing suit that will allow you to do all the activities comfortably. A bathing suit is a must when visiting the Mayá water park! It’s best to use suits without any clips or broaches.


Hang tight! It’s going to be a watery ride! Remember that all activities at Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom Adventure Park are designed for you to have a splashy fun in the sun. You will get wet in all the activities and we’d suggest you wear a pair of comfortable water shoes to make transitions between rides more comfortable.


Whether it’s to provide protection against the sun or simple fashion rules, be sure to pack a pair of sunglasses and a hat or baseball cap. Remember you cannot have any loose articles hanging when you ride ziplines or slides; it’s best to leave these items in the locker.


Once you’ve finished your adventure in Mayá, you’ll want to take the entire park home with you but it’s hard to fit an entire water park in one bag so we’d suggest you take home some mementos from The Aduana Store and of course don’t forget the USB photo package. We’d also recommend taking extra cash for locker rental and snacks.


Things can heat up under the Caribbean sun. Make sure to pack a waterproof, eco-friendly and biodegradable sunblock for your vacation adventure. You’ll need to protect your skin from day one and apply the sunblock every two to three hours. Choose a sunblock that’s friendly with the environment.