At the beautiful seashores of the Mexican Caribbean, lies a waterpark built around the legends of an old civilization, the Mayans.

Located in Mahahual, the lazy town that houses Costa Maya, this amazing waterpark, Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom, guards many mysteries for you to come and discover, and the only way to unveil them is venturing into the jungle to test your courage.

Among the mystical legends that come to live in this amazing place, there is one that gives you goosebumps and has inspired the most extreme waterslide in Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom:

Xtabay, the witch, a Mayan woman whose real name was Utz-colel and who, after killing her sister to steal her beauty was given by the evil spirits the opportunity to traverse the worlds of the living and the death. With her incomparable beauty and her cold heart, she waited under the ceiba tree to lure her victims into doom, throwing them over a cliff, taking their hearts to keep herself alive.

Only the bravest warriors were able to escape her spells and get to the other side of the rainforest, and they were honored as Eagle Knights. Now you have the opportunity to defeat the Witch Xtabay, sliding down this toboggan that will pump up your adrenaline from start to end.

Falling down from the top of the Great Pyramid in the middle of the waterpark, the Xtabay waterslide has a tremendous height of 78 ft, but the thrilling part goes beyond the height, the secret lies on its inclination, which will let you fall at full speed, making you feel as if you were really falling from a cliff.

Every one of the waterslides in Maya Park has its own charm.

Of course, the Jurakán and its funnel are gloriously fun, and racing against your friends over the Lord of the Storm is a must when coming to the park, but Xtabay gets the crown as the fastest and most terrific toboggan in the Caribbean.

Now, before you jump to face the witch, let us give you a few tips to better enjoy your sliding.

1.- Cross your arms against your chest.

Yes, you will feel as if your soul and heart were escaping your body, and that will make you want to spread both arms and legs, but be strong, be brave, and keep it all together until the end. Hey, that´s how you become an Eagle Knight!

2.- Scream!
Let the adrenaline rush flow in the air! It´s a passage rite, you are allowed and encouraged to make all the noise you want. So, scream from the top of your lungs for the Mayan god to hear you. Your ride will only last for 3 seconds, but those will be enough to put your body in the addictive state to make you go back and face that Xtabay again.

3.- Just do it!
We know it, it doesn´t seem like the sanest thing to do, you are on vacation in Costa Maya, you could be anywhere else, on a hammock on the beach, sipping margaritas and piña coladas, but no, you are an adventurer, you have decided to join the expedition to the Lost Mayan Kingdom and here you are, so, when facing the witch, Just do it! Don´t think about anything else, just slide down and conquer!

You are so ready for this expedition! So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and come to Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom.


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