Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom Map

Upon arriving to Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom, your adventure begins as soon as you walk into the terminal where you will find the remnants of Stephen Johnson’s abandoned expedition. What could have propelled the expeditionary and his team to leave all these treasures behind?

The terminal and La Aduana withstand the test of time as the portal into the Lost Mayan Kingdom. After equipping yourself in La Aduana with the last necessities for your day in Mayá, a traditional Mayan village awaits for you on the other side. It’s time for the day’s adventure! Head to the Grand Pyramid. The theme park’s main activities are concentrated there. The locker’s area, juice bar and elevator are also located at this point. Leave your belongings and head to the zip line area to get your equipment. After you’re all set, choose which line you will do first.

Then do the other one. Don’t forget to try Kukulcan’s flight! The innovative zip coaster combines the technology of a zip line with the twists and turns of a roller coaster. Remember all zip lines and the coaster end with a splashing and refreshing water landing! After leaving your zip lines equipment, head for the elevator and begin with the slides – from smaller to tallest: leave the best for last.

Grab a snack at El Campamento while enjoying the sounds of nature and adventure. After resting a while by the pool, grab your inner tube, lie back and relax through the expedition of the Jaguar River.