Let me tell you something. When I am with my family, every moment is unforgettable, but I love capturing every memory in a picture, so when I look at them, I can relive those special moments every time I want. And there is a place that gave me just what my picture-craving-self needed: Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom, the waterpark in Costa Maya.

A few days ago, during my annual autumn cleaning, I found the flashdrive with the pictures that we got in our last family vacations to Costa Maya. We took a cruise to the Caribbean and one of our stops was at this unique port.

Those vacations to the Western Caribbean were extraordinary, I remember my kids having one of the greatest adventures in their life.

Although we visited a lot of amazing places during our cruise, our favorite was Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom, where we had a lot of fun and many stories to tell.

So, now, here we are, looking at pictures. Can you imagine the scene? Autumn cleaning, everyone already in pajamas, gathered around the TV, the hubby making popcorn to enjoy the pictures on the screen… My daughter and son were all excited to see themselves on TV! I felt lucky for having my digital memories.

Picture after picture we were smiling. There it was the Mayan Village, the people flying on the ziplines, the wonderful waterslides, everything we enjoyed at Maya Park.

I could practically feel again how much our kids enjoyed the expedition.

My kiddos were so excited to tap their bracelets on the photo spots after every picture was taken, and then, as if a strange magic was calling them, they ran directly to the waterslides to slide down time after time. My husband and I were running behind them, but they were flying!

When we got to the Monkey’s Island, my daughter was already soaked. She was ready to get more fun, but I was more concerned about our stuff than any other thing, so I asked my husband to look for the lockers. It was great to have a place where our things were safe, so we could enjoy the day without worries.

All the pictures were so funny, my husband never takes good pictures, so looking at the ones that the photo spots at Maya shot, I felt so good about having bought the photo package. It is really a good deal having good photos of your adventures.

For me, as a parent, it is amazing to visit a place that really gives you a hassle-free experience. That day I forgot the sun blocker and the bug repellent at the cruise. We were worried because our skin gets burned so easy and the day was particularly sunny. The port was not far from Maya but running back and forth would have been a loss of time, time we didn´t have, as the ship was leaving port at 5:00 pm!

We had to seize the day. Again, worries away, fortunately there is a store inside the park, La Aduana, where I found everything I needed to spend the perfect day with my family. So, with a layer of sun blocker and bug repellent on. We were ready to keep enjoying the park!

It is amazing all the details you can remember only by looking at pictures.

Watching the kids having fun at the Monkey’s Island and my husband relaxing on the Lazy River made me want to sail to Costa Maya again.

The best picture and absolutely, the funniest moment was at the water bucket splash. We have the photo at the exact moment when the water was falling down. Everybody was on the floor waiting for it! Gosh! It really made me want to go back!

It is chilly now in Minessota, but when we finished watching the pics, we took to our children to bed and I could notice my husband had the same idea I got in my mind. So, guess who is booking a new cruise to Costa Maya now? Yes, we are. And of course, a visit to Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom is already on the shopping list.


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