Where is Mayá located?

Mayá is located in the charming fisherman village of Mahahual in Costa Maya. Located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Costa Maya is 350 kilometers south of Cancun and 100 kilometers north of the Belize border and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destination in Mexico. There are several ways to arrive to Mayá.

Is Mayá far from the Costa Maya cruise port? How do I get there?

Mayá is about a 5 minute walk from the cruise port. You can arrive by walking and enjoying the surroundings, or take one of our shuttle which departs to and from the port every 15 minutes. There are also taxi for an additional costs that can take you to the park.

What are the hours of operation?

Mayá is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Schedules may vary depending on cruise arrival. Check with your shore excursion executive.

Will the park be open to the general public or just cruise ships?

Mayá will open for the general public with subject to availability when there are cruise ships on dock.

What is the cost of admission?

89 USD adults, 79 USD minors.

What is included in my admission to Mayá?

Your admission to Mayá includes access to all activities in the park including 9 slides, 2 zip lines circuits with 6 lines each and access to the Jaguar river tour, natural pool, cenote, kids' area, hammocks, beach chairs, picnic area, restroom and fitting room facilities, parking.

What is the age restriction for kids at Mayá?

There are no age restrictions to enter Mayá. To take part in the activities inside the park, children must meet the height limits in the case of the slides and must be able to fit in properly in the harness to fly in the ziplines.

Does the Park have activities for kids who don't meet the height and weight requirements?

Yes, we have an area designated for our smaller visitors with smaller slides.

Are there activities with additional cost?

We suggest bringing extra cash for locker rental, snacks, beverages and souvenirs.

Should I book for a specific date?

No, we are open from Monday to Saturday. On days that there are cruise ships on deck, the park is subject to availability.


Can I transfer my entrance ticket to another person?

Your admission ticket is personal.

Can I pay with the credit or debit card of another person even if the person is not visiting the park?

For security reasons, the cardholder must be present to sign.

Is there a problem if the person who is paying is not the person who will be visiting the park?

In order to access, you must present a copy of the ID and the credit or debit card of the cardholder.

If I don't have a credit or debit card to pay, how can I make my reservation?

At the entrance, we accept cash, credit cards and on cruise ship day, ship cards.

What is your cancellation and reimbursement policy?

Reimbursements do not apply.

If I reserved for a specific date and want to change it, can I do that?

Yes, we ask that you solicit the change 3 days prior to your visit.

If it rains, can I cancel or change the day of my visit?

Due to the nature of the water park, Mayá continues to operate when it rains.

What happens if I don't have the card I used to pay when I arrive to the park?

Access will be denied.

What happens if I can't visit the park on the day of my scheduled visit?

We ask that you solicit a date change 3 days prior to your visit.


In how many hours can I do all the activities at the park?

4 hours

I'm arriving on a cruise ship, will I have enough time to see and do everything at the Park?

Yes! You have plenty of time to do all the activities. The park is designed to enjoy at leisure, you are responsible to return to the port on time. There is a shuttle from the Park to the Port that leaves every 15 minutes.

At what velocity do the ziplines travel and how long does it take to do the circuit?

We have 2 zipline circuits with varying speeds depending on length and the days wind. It takes approximately about an hour to complete one zipline circuit. You can do both or just one.

Can I go into the Jaguar river if I don't know how to swim?

The Jaguar river is designed to be done while floating on an inner tube. No swimming necessary, but you must be at least 3.9 feet tall.

How long does it take to do the whole Jaguar river?

It takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end with several emergency exits throughout the way.

Can I descend from the inner tube and swim in the river?

The Jaguar River is designed to be traversed on an inner tube only. If you want to swim, check out the natural water pool next to the kid's area.

Can I do the activities more than one time?

Yes, as many times as you want and can.

What is the minimum and maximum weight to enjoy the ziplines?

There is no minimum weight as long as you fit in properly in the harness; maximum weight 250 pounds.

What is the age or size limit to enjoy the activities at the park?

Our guests - big and small - must be at least 90 cm to be able to enjoy the activities such as slides and zip lines. For smaller guests, we have a fantastic kid's area.

Is Mayá recommended for Senior Citizens?

Yes! Mayá is designed to be enjoyed at all ages.

What are the physical conditions necessary to enjoy the activities?

We ask that you consider your health. Mayá is not recommended for people with diabetes, heart or back problems, hypertension, claustrophobia, recent or mayor surgeries.

Is there an area for smaller kids, older guests or family members who don't want to participate in the main activities?

Yes, family members who which to abstain from slides and zip lines can enjoy the lazy river, the pool area and the picnic areas next to the kid's area.

Can adults play in the Teen Park?

Our "Island of the Monkeys" is designed for teens and kids. We recommend our adults head to the Grand Pyramid for a bigger thrill.


Is food and beverage included in the admission price?

Our delicious snacks are available at an extra cost.

How much additional cash should I take with me?

Consider we have locker rental, food and beverages and souvenirs. We also accept visa and Mastercard if you prefer to travel without cash.

Do you accept credit or debit card in food and beverages?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Will alcoholic beverages be available for purchase?

Due to the nature of the park and for safety reasons, no alcoholic beverages will be sold inside the Park.

Can I enter the Park with food?

It is not permitted to access with food and/or beverages.

What type of food can I find inside the Park?

Snacks such as hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, burritos, sandwiches, fries, chips and beverages such as soda and water.

I'm allergic to gluten, what can I find to eat?

We also have delicious salads for you to enjoy.