Things to do in Costa Maya | Ziplines

The world of the winds in the Lost Mayan Kingdom is ruled by three deities: the Eagle, the Toucan and the feathered serpent, each with the wisdom of an ancient civilization to grant man the power of flight.

Golden eagle: celestial symbol, bird of light and enlightment, the Eagle is the incarnation of the sun and fire. Its flight stands for the world’s cross which points to the four cosmic cardinal points. Symbol of freedom, the Eagle circuit is the largest and fastest of the Mayá Kingdom. With six lines, the Eagle circuit is built to take your levels of adrenaline to new heights.

Toucan: Pa’am, name given in Mayan lands, the toucan is the bird of the jungle, a being that serves as a bridge between the world of the living and the dead. With its versatility, the Toucan circuit includes six lines of flight, two hanging bridges and the daring 3-level rope course to test your skill and patience.