Costa Maya Water Park | Water slides

For the Mayan civilization, water represented the entrance to Xibalba, another dimension, another world destined only for the brave. In Xibalba, those courageous souls who dare enter it must confront the lords of darkness, guardians of the night and mythical legends of the Mayan Civilization.

Deep in the jungle, all brave expeditionaries who dare enter the thickness of the jungle will find hidden in the Lost Mayan Kingdom a timeless opportunity to feed their hunger for adrenaline by undertaking the nine levels of adventure and daring the legends of Xibalba and the Mayá civilization.

Xibalba, Underworld: Mayan underworld, dwelling place of darkness, Xibalba is the place where legends of the Mayan empire reside. People who descend to this world must sort through nine houses of sacrifice that requires your utmost bravery.

Chaac, lord of the storm: Deity of rain and water, lord of the elongated and curved nose, he holds in his hands the power of thunder, dwells in the depth of the cenotes and provides the water for the growing crops.

Kisim, lord of the underworld: Stincky and malignant character, lord of the underworld, wrathful deity that explodes in anger and kicks the Great Ceiba Tree, provoking earthquakes and disasters.

Unab-Kú Itzamná, lords of creation: Mayan gods of universal creation, Unab-Kú Itzamná is the duality of father and son, a symbol of harmony and fertility. With his divine power, he guards life and universal order.

Balam, god of darkness: Jaguar, lord of darkness, twilight being and sun of the night who travels through the sky, Balam is the lord of the animals, a fierce hunter and protector of the fields.

Yum Kimil, lord of death: God of death and lord of Xibalba, Yum Kimil is accompanied by owls and dogs warning the coming death with howls. But don’t fear, a loud cry sends him away and his steps will not stop in front of you.

Jurakán: Lord of wind and storm, heart of heaven, Jurakán dwells in the fog of the universe. It was his great flood that destroyed the first mankind for infuriating the creation gods.

Xtabay, lady of sin: Female deity of the hunt, Xtabay returns to the world of the living whenever she wants and feeds off the fears of man.