Mahahual Water Park | Services and facilities

El Campamento Restaurant

It’s easy to find El Campamento (The Camp) even in the density of the jungle of Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom, just follow the smell of a delicious hamburger sizzled to perfection on the grill. The specialty of the house is the Mayan Jungle hamburger with cheese, always served with golden crispy French fries but you can also enjoy one of our delicious hot dogs, cheesy nachos, buttery popcorn, chips or lighter snacks such as a salad, sandwich or burrito (including vegetarian). To drink, enjoy a cold water or choose from our bottled soft drinks. If you want something colder, try the delicious slushy’s or Frappuccino – the best in the whole Costa Maya. Don’t forget the dessert! Try our artisanal ice cream and ice pops or take some chocolate or candy for the road.

Balché Juice Bar

For the Mayan culture, Balché was a sacred drink served during ceremonial rites and which they believed to have magical healing powers. The ancient Mayan civilizations used to offer this mystical drink made from honey and the balché tree to facilitate the connection between the world of the living with their mystical deities.

The sacred drink here at Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom will fill you with energy to continue your adventure in the Costa Maya adventure park! Filled with fresh fruits of the season, honey and natural seeds, choose from any of our healthy, custom-made juices or delicious fruit smoothies based with yogurt & fresh fruit. Discover the magical powers of our rich flavors! They’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Dressing quarters & Lockers

Equipped to accommodate the finest ladies and gentleman, our dressing room and lockers area is located at the foot of the Grand Pyramid, an ideal point to part into your adventure in Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom. Restrooms are located here as well as through strategic locations throughout the park.

The key to your locker is attached to an intricate pouch of fabric that can go attached to your wrist or ankle for easy movement in all the activities. Right at this location, you will also find the Balché Juice Bar to easily refuel energies for all your family activities in Mayá.

La Aduana Shop Store

La Aduana is a 1940’s style store that contains unique articles & souvenirs for you to take home the memories of this great Costa Maya expedition and stock up for your next family vacation. Missing something for your adventure in Mayá? Stop by here before venturing into the water park to stock up on insect repellent, sun block, water shoes and hats.

Photo Services

Keep records of your Mayá expedition! With our exclusive photo service, capture your day’s greatest moments and take them home. All throughout the Costa Maya adventure park, you will see cameras and signs pointing to the places where you need to pose and smile. Remember that photos are sold in USB packages with no limit to the number of photos included in the USB, so take as many photos as possible in as many smiles and poses as possible. Return over and over to your favorite location to capture the PERFECT photo! Check your pictures at La Aduana Store.