Costa Maya Cruise Excursion | Jaguar River

A legend roams the land. Tracks of the ferocious guardian of the night serve as a reminder of who reigns in the land. Jaguar, lord of darkness, twilight being and sun of the night who travels through the sky, Balam is the lord of the animals, a fierce hunter and protector of the fields and the Lost Mayan Kingdom.

For the ancient Mayan civilization, the jaguar represented darkness, the Earth and power. Legend says that the sun god would transform into a jaguar come nightfall to traverse into the world of the dead and fight darkness.

His victory is represented by the sunrise of a new day. The jaguar’s spotted skin represents the night sky. Balam, known as the jaguar, is the protector of the fields.

When Stephen Jonhson and his expedition arrived to the Lost Kingdom of the Mayá, the expeditionary had to combat the ferocious guardian of the night. In the middle of the combat, Jonhson and Balam

became one, in the realization that they were brothers in arm, separated by the ancient spirits. Rumors of Johnson’s whereabouts surfaced for years but no one is certain of his final destiny.