Can you imagine having a roller coaster experience in a zip line? In Mayá we make that dream a reality with our incredible Kukulcán Zip Coaster.

The great feathered serpent that each equinox descends between lights and shadows through the nine steps of the pyramid "El Castillo" is our main inspiration for this unique attraction. Are you ready?

Live a roller coaster experience in a zip line in the Kukulcan zip coaster attraction at Mayá water park


In this fun Zip Coaster, Kukulcán challenges you to fly on its wings over the jungle. With 400 meters of extension, Kukulcán Zip Coaster will take you over the jungle feeling the twists and turns of a roller coaster, simulating the wavy flight of the feathered serpent. Put on the harness and fly!

Kukulcan zip coaster at Mayá water park
Extreme zip coaster ride at Mayá water park