Costa Maya Attractions

Deep in the jungle of the Mexican Caribbean, a mysterious legend unfolds and tells the story of adventure. Years ago, the expeditionary Stephen Johnson – hungry for a quest – ventured into the thick Mayan jungle in search of the legendary golden city of the Maya. After weeks immersed in the undiscovered Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, his eyes filled with wonder upon arriving to Mayá, the lost Mayan Kingdom.

But the expeditionary couldn’t have imagined that the Mayan city would be protected by the warrior Balam-Cahob, guardian of the night sky, the great jaguar of the jungle. Johnson’s expedition and Mayá was once again engulfed by the thickness of the jungle. Until now.

Located in the fisherman village of Mahahual in Costa Maya, the theme park turns a family vacation into an expedition filled with adventure where visitors find adrenaline defying the legends of Mayan gods and mythological creatures enjoying thrilling water park slides with falls of up to 78 feet; flying across the air through 12 lines of zip line with spectacular views of the small fisherman village of Mahahual, the Mexican Caribbean and the thick jungle;

Zip Lines

The world of the winds in the Lost Mayan Kingdom is ruled by three deities: the Eagle, the Toucan and the feathered serpent...

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Monkey's Island

Covered in thick jungle and mystery, tales of the lost city of the monkey Mayan god have been around for years...

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Jaguar River

Tracks of the ferocious guardian of the night serve as a reminder of who reigns in the land...

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For the Mayan civilization, water represented the entrance to Xibalba, another world destined for the brave...

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Some call him Quetzalcoatl others Kukulcan, regardless of the name, great civilizations of Mesoamerica have spoken...

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imitating the flight of the mystical feathered serpent (Kukulcán) atop the innovative zip coaster: a zip line with the turns and twists of a roller coaster; discovering the legend of the great Balam-Cahob while relaxing on an inner tube in the Jaguar River or simply taking a break on a hammock or beach chair by the pool. For smaller and younger expedicionaries, the Monkey’s Island is the ideal activities for kids to play, jump and enjoy smaller slides.