All my life I wished for an experience that combined adrenaline and relaxation. I could never imagine that I could find this it in a waterpark. A place that invited me to live an expedition on air and water and which made me feel part of the jungle that surrounds it. That’s what I lived when my family and I visited Mayá Lost Mayan Kingdom during our cruise to Costa Maya.

While planning our vacation, we planned every tour and activity well ahead of time, but my parents, my brother and I wanted to keep some time apart, especially for adventure, we were looking for an exciting place where we could stay the whole day and never get bored.

It was our first time visiting Costa Maya, so we were looking for things to do in this destination. Among the many activities on the website, I found a waterpark. It was perfect for us, it had waterslides and zip lines full of adventure, but also, big pools where my parents could relax.

After we visited I have for you the 3 reasons why your family needs to go to Costa Maya.

1.- TripAdvisor knows best.

Searching for more info about Costa Maya, I found a lot of recommendations on TripAdvisor, but there was one that made me want to book right on that moment: the thrilling air and aquatic experiences at Mayá Lost Mayan Kingdom. I learned there that this amazing adventure park was ranking 18th on the “Best waterparks in the world”. I also learned that it is located just a few minutes away from Costa Maya Port, so I told my mom: We need to go to Maya! Our vacation itinerary was finally complete.

When we arrived at the park, the emotion and the adrenaline had completely taken over us. We were ready to join the expedition!

2.- Ziplines and Waterslides for adrenaline junkies

At first sight, I felt that we were in a Mayan village, but we kept walking and saw an amazing pyramid full of giant slides. My heartbeat accelerated. I heard people yelling and laughing above our heads, my brother and I raised our heads and we saw people crossing the air on the amazing zip lines that connected all the park. We turned to see my parents, who with their eyes just told us: Go ahead! So, we happily ran towards the pyramid.

The zip lines were amazing! The park has two circuits: “Eagle” and “Toucan”. I really enjoyed both of them, but the Toucan took my breath away with the views, it was so wonderful, the sea, the jungle, mother nature alive and so close to me. I wished that moment could last forever.

From the air, I discovered other secrets in the park. A place called “Monkey Island”, where the little ones were having fun. A big pool where my parents were relaxing. “The Kukulkan”, a mix between a roller coaster and a zip line and last but not less, coming out of the pyramid were eight slides waiting for us to jump on them, and so we did.

3.- The ultimate challenge to become a Mayan Warrior.

After sliding and just when we thought there were no more attractions, we found “The Mayan sacrifice inside the pyramid, an 80ft free-fall jump which I couldn’t resist. My brother was afraid to jump but not me. I accepted the challenge and it definitely was one of the best experiences of my life.

At the end of the day, with all the adrenaline squeezed off my body, I joined my family at the lazy river, the perfect way to close our day.

I had a blast! And most important: I have all the evidence! Before leaving the park, we stopped at “La Aduana”, the shop inside the park, were we packed on souvenirs for friends and family and where I found all my pictures! Our visit to Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom will always be a day to remember.


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