Costa Maya Adventure Park

Tales of a legendary quest are being murmured throughout Costa Maya. The passing years have engulfed the Lost Mayan Kingdom in thick jungle and only those adventurous enough to go deep into the heart of it will find its hidden treasures.

Years ago, an expeditionary hungry for a quest ventured deep into the Mayan jungle in search of the legendary golden city of the Maya. After weeks immersed in the undiscovered terrain, his eyes filled with wonder upon arriving to Mayá, the Lost Mayan Kingdom.

But shortly after arriving, Johnson’s expedition and Mayá was once again engulfed by the thickness of the jungle.

Until now. Are you ready to venture into adventure and join the expedition?

The following secrets have been trusted upon you as a new member of the expedition. You must guard these with the confidentiality trusted upon you.

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Located in the heart of the Mayan jungle, Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom Adventure Park turns a family vacation into a fun-filled expedition with thrilling zip lines and adrenaline-packed water slides each matching the power of the Mayan mythical creature they were named after.

Zip Lines

The world of the winds in the Lost Mayan Kingdom is ruled by three deities: the Eagle, the Toucan and the feathered serpent...

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Monkey's Island

Covered in thick jungle and mystery, tales of the lost city of the monkey Mayan god have been around for years...

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Jaguar River

Tracks of the ferocious guardian of the night serve as a reminder of who reigns in the land...

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For the Mayan civilization, water represented the entrance to Xibalba, another world destined for the brave...

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Some call him Quetzalcoatl others Kukulcan, regardless of the name, great civilizations of Mesoamerica have spoken...

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Splash and slide down daring water slides with falls of up to 78 feet, fly across the sky with incredible views of the Mexican Caribbean and discover the mysterious legend of expeditionary Stephen Johnson through the course of the Jaguar River. Imitate the flight of the Mayan feathered serpent or simply relax by the hammocks or pool.

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With acres of unspoiled land, deserted beaches and proximity to the heart of the Mayan world. Dip your toes in the depths of the world’s second largest coral reef or simply enjoy the view.

What a great park. We traveled with four families, including kids ages 4-12.My 6 year old daughter is under 48" in height, so she is too short for the big water slides, but the kid’s area was amazing- even the big kids liked hanging here. Overall this was the best water park we've ever been to, and the entire family loved the zip lines. It wasn't too crowded and the park is clean and in excellent condition. The lunch options were decent. When we booked the trip I thought 6 hours might be too long, but we all enjoyed every minute (even my wife, who hates water parks).

Michael M.

Ballston Spa, NY
“Awesome day for our family of four„
Hands down BEST waterpark adventure in Mexico. Incredible slides, zip-coaster, zip-lines, kids splash area, cool lazy river & more. Plus, its immaculately clean and only 5 minutes away from the port. If you are looking for something fun to do for a day in Costa Maya Mexico or an awesome shore excursion I can't recommend this place enough. It’s a must do for families.

Amber M.

Temecula, California
“Amazing Family Fun Adventure, Perfect shore excursion„
This water park was better than Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was surprisingly not over-crowded, a relaxing lazy river, good food selection, exciting slides and zip-lines to include a zip coaster. There were elevators for all, so you don't have to carry your mat or inter-tube up 16 flights of stairs. The lazy river's inter-tubes has back support so you don't get a kink in your neck. It is very scenic and is still new. They are still adding to the already wonderful park. An all day locker was only $5 and a zip drive of all our photos was only $25. This was the best excursion on our cruise.

Tammy W

Muerrieta, California
“Better than Atlantis„

Mayá, Lost Mayan Kingdom is located in the charming Mexican village of Mahahual in Costa Maya in Yucatan Peninsula. Visitors arrive to this corner of paradise on one of the major cruise lines to the second most important ports in Mexico or by driving from the state’s major highway from Cancun or the state’s capital, Chetumal.